Friday, June 13, 2008


So my mom and I had kind of a discussion last night, and I kind of boiled over on her...

She doesn't want my sister to know that I've smoked pot, and of course, me questioning authority, asked "Well why the hell not?"

She replied with a less than pleased response. "She doesn't need to know about that, Molly. She's only thirteen and it's not her business to know. Plus, I don't want her to think it's okay and I don't want it to ruin her life like it did yours."

Wait, what?


Why do parents shelter their children from the truth like my mom does my sister?
WHY?! How does that help them in any way to shape their lives? Well, apparently around some dreamy amazing amusment-park world where you have fun and never worry about anything.
Can we be real here?

Honestly, what is the problem? Why? WHY.

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