Monday, June 23, 2008

Breathe me

June 23, 2008 appx. 1:00 pm

Note: Just finished eating foot long meatball marinara sandwich & a diet coke split with mother.

Coffee, I am drinking. It has approximately 3 packets of french-vanilla creamer in it, and I am perfectly content with that. I am waiting here... here on this floral-print sofa in the hospital. I am listening to French pop.
*Sip, sip*
mmm, a little strong, but I can manage. Once I start writing, I can just go off on whatever tangent I please. It's easy, see? So how about that feud between Bill O'Reilly and Keith Olbermann, eh? The typical conservative vs. liberal argument.
*Sip again*
*Glance, glance*
*Scribble, scribble*
I'm listening to the receptionist talk to someone on the phone.
She hangs up.
Brain wandering off topic...
Tangents... a mathematical term, as well as a term to describe spontinaety of one's speaking of a certain topic. This conversation being between me and this piece of blinding white paper.
I glance at my shoe.
I scratch my nose.
It still itches.
Left nostril, to be stiffly precise.
I enjoy writing, especially about nonsesne things, such as this.
Mmm, quite.
This song I'm listening to, really does NOT make sense at all.
Mmmm... a little watery. Oh well.My mood is relieved, and I can't tell you why, exactly. It would begin to be a little awkward, you see.
*Chatter, chatter*
Violin... guitar....
*Sip, again*
*Sip. Sip. Sip*
mmm, quite tasty actually.
My brain is like a sponge, Sandy said. I must agree without second thought. She is right.
I would love to publish my life in a book. That would be great. I don't think anyone would buy it though. I wonder who would buy it? Who would possibly be interested in what I have to say? Perhaps those who are like me...

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